I miss when the web developed new ways of communication every day — google wave, twitter’s open API, dropbox’s public folder...

diagram of internet

I always thought the internet was a canvas of infinite possibility

the formula was simple:


anyone can create

plus sign

you can communicate with anyone

equals sign

unlimited creativity

but the web hasn’t developed in the way I thought

it seems to get less collaborative, less creative, and less open with time

what we ended up with was...

  • no shared code among devs
  • not a lot of collaboration among users
  • users + devs don’t drive direction of the platform
forbidden sign

infinite feed of updates

plus sign

tailored to individuals

equals sign

unlimited consumption

what if there was an alternative to platforms?

an open canvas where developers and creative people of all types could remix each other’s work and build on top of each other’s projects?

is a website where every change you make to it is permanent and anyone can send custom code to anyone else » more details

I’m hoping it leads to a wilder web

» example code

will you join me?

» faq

my name is david. the internet has always felt like my first home. I want to see what it looks like when everyone gets a chance to contribute