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var is a static web host where every page is remixable by default

one click and you have a copy of any web page hosted on the platform.

not only that, but the front-end code (HTML, CSS, JS) is treated as the source of truth:

whatever changes the owner makes to a page (through DevTools, some custom JS, or clicking a button that does something) is saved permanently to the DB

this makes it possible for front-end devs to create interactive applications just by adding a JS plugin to the page


also — if people know your website’s address (e.g. var.so/abc123) they’ll be able to send you code that (if you accept it) will run on your page, so there’s a social aspect as well

I'm hoping this project (and other ideas like it) will lead to a renaissance of blogs, personal websites, and remixable apps that push our normal conception of what a website is to the breaking point