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var / faq

how do i use it?

you'll create a website on var.so, alter it however you want, and message your friends with code or text using the built-in messenger

how safe is it? is it secure?

any type of code can be run, so make sure you trust where it’s coming from before you accept it

your website will be backed up before you accept code, so you can always get back to a previous version

how do I save the changes forever?

by default any change made to your website will be permanent

how do I get my website back if it’s destroyed?

you can click “save website backup” to backup your website any time

your website is also backed up before you accept any new code, so you can always restore a previous version

can I have a preview of what the code will do?

we won’t have this feature at launch, but you can always test it out and if you don’t like what it does, restore your website from its last backup

what happens when I accept code?

it will immediately be added to your website and run. any changes it makes will be permanent

but if you don’t like what it does, you can restore a previous version of your website

can I see the code before I accept it?

yes, you’ll be able to view the full code by clicking “open code” before acceting or rejecting it

so it’s like recursively travelling inside of code that's inside other code in an infinite tunnel of exploration and creativity?


how do I contact you?

@panphora on twitter — OR email david at remaketheweb dot com